In the age of the information society, data privacy is an indispensable condition for the functioning of any democratic community.
Jörg Tauss, Speech to the German Bundestag
Especially in the business-to-business area, legal IT-, IP- and Data Privacy counseling requires more than only legal advice and an expert opinion.

Above all, the client rightly expects solutions that can be integrated as quickly and as cost-efffectively as possible into the existing processes. Therefore, apart from the general legal requirements, the legal advisor needs to know the core of the client's business, understand the internal processes and structures and conduct an economic analysis of the legal approach.

This is the only way, for example, to successfully develop and implement an integrative compliance system, product-related data protection solutions according to GDPR as well as the establishment and maintenance of an IP portfolio as part of IP management in order to maintain and increase the value of the company.

Since 1999, I have been advising as an attorney with this self-concept in the legal areas of IT, IP and privacy.

Appointment as external data protection officer. Advice on all data protection issues. Drafting of terms of use and data protection for websites, webshops and apps. Drafting and negotiation of contract processing agreements.

Support in building up an own portfolio of property rights, taking into account existing third-party property rights, and defending against attacks on our own property rights in order to maintain and increase the value of the company.

IT compliance. Legal support for the digital transformation of existing business processes. Agile Software Projects. Drafting of contracts for highly complex international and national large-scale projects with regard to all legal as well as commercial and financial aspects. ICT outsourcing contracts, system integration contracts, network contracts, M&A, etc.

Development of a customized Code of Conduct. Securing adherence to all legal provisions. Risk management by monitoring of local and global standards on the basis of applicable guidelines, and securing the adherence to legal requirements with respect to national and international tender processes. Development and roll-out of internal guidelines as well as training lessons to that.

Identification of legal and compliance risks. Minimization of risks with respect to business management. Corruption avoidance. Cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

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